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"Roses with Rose Medallion"
18' x 24" Oil; Classical Gold Frame; An impasto rendering of old fashion roses with a matching rose medallion tea set.
$800.00  24 kt gold paint
"Country Flowers"
24" x 18" Acrylic; Gold Leaf Frame;  Mixed summer flowers suggesting an outdoor setting.
"Manhattan Skyline"
30" x 50" Acrylic; Thin black ebony frame; A panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline at dusk as seen from Hoboken, NJ.
"Van Gogh's Manhattan"
16" x 20"  Acrylic; Black Ebony Frame;  Manhattan Skyline as sen from Hoboken, NJ done in a Van Gogh style but with a painting knife technique.
"Provence Poppies"
20" x 26" Acrylic;  Black Ebony Frame;  Dramatic rendering of a Provence poppy field done in a painting knife style.
20" x 16";  Acrylic;  Gold Plein Air Frame:  Colorful setting of the Tuscany countryside done in a painting knife style.
"Brooklyn Bridge"
20" x 24"  Acrylic; Black Ebony Frame;  A dramatic treatment of the famous bridge done in sepia colors with a painting knife.  Inspired by J. D. W. Turner and Vincent Van Gogh.

"Miles Davis: Prince of Darkness"
30" X 50"; custom baroque style frame in gold
Portrait is done in an "Art Noveau" style. Image is painted in a flat style with fronds and tendrils of musical symbols.

"The Violinist"
20" X 34"; 2" gold baroque style frame
Figure is done in "Art Noveau" style. Image is painted in a flat style with musical fronds and tendrils.
22" X 28"; 2" gold toned wood frame
Ancient Chinese Princess of Peking. Done in "Art Noveau" style. Storyline - "Princess orders all noblemen beheaded who cannot answer her 3 riddles". From Puccini's opera.
"One in Six"
1" thin redwood frame
Androgenous figure as God represented in 6 major religions of the world. Done in abstracted style.
"Afghan Kids"
24" X 36"; 2" heavy oak frame
Symbolic rendering of the children of Afghanistan with vision of Mother Teresa in the sky. Mixed media includes crushed stones, sand, and birdseed.
"Jazz Duet"
24" X 36"; natural color structural frame
Depicts singer and tenor man in a hot performance. Done in a flat style.
"Ode to Miles"
24" X 30"; 3-1/2" heavy oak frame
Tribute to the great trumpet player with birth/death name plate. Done in a flat style with sepia skin tones on black and white.
24" X 30"; black structural frame
Dizzy Gillespie in an outdoor performance. Done in a flat style.
"Billie Holiday"
18" X 24"; 2" oak frame
Classic portrait of "Lady Day" in the 1940's. Done in sepia skin tones on a black and white background.
"Chet Baker"
16" X 20"; 2" white frame
Captures the tortured jazz musician in a palette knife style. Painted in various blues.
"Duke Ellington"
18" X 24" acrylic;
2" mahogany frame
Palette knife portrait set against "A Train"
"Jaco Pastorius"

18" X 24" acrylic; 2" black lacquer frame
Palette knife portrait of famous electric jazz bassist cult figure
redwood structural frame
Five "muses" emerge from an ancient Roman bath. Allegory in the early Gustave Klimt style.
"Swan Lake"
24" X 30"; 2" custom silver frame/white fronds
Allegorical ballerina emerges from Swan Lake in an impressionistic style.
"De Rigueur"
18" X 24" acrylic; 4" heavy French style frame
Ballet dancer in palette knife
"Young Flautist"
24" X 30"; 3" heavy dark oak frame
Palette knife painting with figure set against a sponge painted Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.
"Street Minstrel"
18" X 24"; 2" black lacquer frame
Impressionistic rendering of a West Coast street musician set high on the streets of San Francisco.
18" X 24"; 2" black lacquer frame
Done in an impressionistic style.
"Girl with a Tattoo"
18" X 24" acrylic; 2" mahogany frame
Palette knife painting of nude with an actual tattoo down the middle of her back. Tattoo means "Greek Goddess" in Greek letters.
"A Birthday Bouquet"

18" X 24" acrylic; 2" gold frame
Palette knife rendering
"Warrior Mask"
18" X 24" acrylic; 3" dark mahogany frame
Traditional style with heavy impasto Warrior Mask which matches frame. Senegal, Laboe tribe symbolizes "health", "walth", and "prosperity".
26" X 30" acrylic; 2" natural frame
Palette knife rendering of the dramatic land and seascape of Capitola, California.